About Us


For long enough, brands have dictated the kind of fashion we should own. But not any longer. Welcome to Quancious. A brand that lets you customize apparel and home decor while ensuring a positive environmental footprint. With Quancious, you don’t just look good, you wear good.

The light from the new Sun awaits you.
Mountains, valleys and shores exactly like ours.
Untouched, untainted by the spoils of a thousand years.
It’s right there. A brand-new world.
Or is it?
It’s sad there’s no twin to the Earth we have.
So stop wishing for what we lack.
You are one and so is this planet.
Look back.
To what’s been done.
You know it’s not good enough.
So design,
Rather redesign.
It’s not just your clothes
But your life that needs a makeover.

Wear Good.


More often than not, you may find yourself getting bored of off-the-shelf fashion. Seldom will you get your kind of fashion, in one single piece. Through Quancious, all your fashion woes are sure to disappear. Our fashion is not mass produced and is far from basic. No two products will ever be alike at Quancious, because you will be able to customize it as uniquely as you want to. With over 25,000 prints, numerous styles and various fabrics, there are endless possibilities to choose from so you can own custom-made clothes for men, women and kids and home decor products that suit your need, with just a few clicks. Go ahead, get creative and express yourself with your conscious choices.


The fashion industry has for long has been a massive consumer and polluter of our fresh water resources. But there is something we can all do consciously to change this situation. In our quest for customization, we cannot ignore our responsibility of taking care of our planet. Which is why, at Quancious, we have blended customization and sustainability in a way that just doesn’t make you look good but do good as well. We use sustainable fabrics that include bamboo, tencel, organic cotton, silk and many more with a reduced carbon, energy and pollution impact when compared to the conventional fabrics. From procuring organic and eco-friendly fabrics to printing them, Quancious is an eco-friendly, water positive brand that uses waterless printing technology and biodegradable inks to help you create trends the Quancious way.


We offer a myriad of eco-friendly fabrics that are better than conventional fabrics. So when you customise your apparel by choosing these sustainable fabrics, you invest in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil, safer skin and farmer livelihoods.


No toxic chemicals. Zero damage to the soil. Uses 71% less water & 62% less energy. Also, it is hypoallergenic & has a characteristic smoothness. Organic Cotton is wearable in different climates and is famously called the all-season fabric.


Nature’s most sustainable resource. Bamboo forests absorb CO2 and release 35% more oxygen than any other forest. Bamboo fabric grows without toxic chemicals and requires less water. It absorbs sweat in a split second. The anti-ultraviolet nature of bamboo protects from ultraviolet radiations. Also, it is softer than cotton, easy to wash and almost wrinkle free.


Linen is an all-natural luxurious fibre that requires no chemicals and is primarily grown in wetter climates and can rely solely on rainwater. It keeps us cool in summer and warm in the winter because the fibre retains air, thus creating natural insulation. Linen fabric is ideal for sensitive skin and lasts longer.


from Lenzing is a 100% natural fibre extracted from Eucalyptus wood grown in sustainable plantations. The production process is eco-friendly & has received the “European award for the environment”. It has 97% less carbon emission than conventional cotton and 87% less water consumption. Tencel is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. It absorbs moisture and prevents bacteria formation making it suitable for sensitive skin.


Modal from Lenzing is like the Edelweiss flower found in Austria- pure and natural. Modal is made from the pulp of beech trees that grow naturally without artificial irrigation. The production process is very symbiotic, going easy on energy and resources and thereby carbon neutral. Lenzing Modal fabric is extremely breathable, super soft & shrink resistant.


Viscose from Lenzing is produced from the replenishable raw material of wood. Chemicals and other waste from production process are recycled. As a result of its wood based cellulose origin, it is naturally botanic, absorbs moisture well and is pleasant to the skin. Considered premium globally, the fabric is often used in clothing and hygiene sector.


Unlike polyester, recycled polyester uses PET (material used in clear plastic water bottles) as the raw material. By preventing these bottles from going to landfills, it results in less soil contamination, air and water pollution. Using more recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum as raw material for our fabric needs. These fabrics can be recycled with no degradation of quality, allowing us to minimize wastage.


Inherently natural fabric, silk is a highly renewable resource with less impact on environment than other fabrics. The silkworms feed on mulberry leaves which don’t require the use of pesticides or fertilizers to grow. The queen of fabrics- Silk is known for its softness and luster. The fabric lends a good drape & richness to any garment. This all-climate fabric can be worn both in summer and winter. The only unfavorable aspect is that the silkworms from which we extract the silk yarn are not allowed to live their full life cycle. Therefore, we also provide a more humane choice- Ahimsa/ Peace Silk. Here, the silk yarn is extracted only after the silkworms leave the cocoon.


About ENVS

ENVS Eco Friendly Digital Fabrics India Pvt Ltd is a high fashion brand known in the international market for their sustainable fabrics and digitally printed garments. They launched the brand Quancious to make sustainable and customisation fashion a reality in the market. The brand story of Quancious is that of a unique idea that lets you control the fashion you wear and wear it good. Breaking the stereotypes of fashion as we know it.