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About Us


The Fashion Industry for long has been a massive consumer and polluter of our fresh water resources and one of the largest contributors to Land Fills. But there is something we can all do consciously to change this situation.

At Quancious, we have made sustainability and care for our planet our core and have blended chic Fashion and Sustainability in a way that just doesn’t make you look good but do good as well. From procuring organic and eco friendly fabrics to printing and dyeing them, Quancious is an eco- friendly, water positive brand that uses biodegradable inks and zero amount of water in printing the fabrics to help create trends the Quancious way.

Our objective is to offer Eco-Friendly organic clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

Our Fabrics

Our styles are made from organic, natural and eco-friendly fabrics sourced from all over the world which includes anti-bacterial Tencel, breathable modals, Ahimsa (Peace) silk, organic cottons, organic linens & natural bamboos.

Our Printing

We have the world’s most advanced technology for printing/dyeing with organic and biodegradable inks without the use of water. Water is going to be next gold and is a precious resource which should not be wasted and polluted. Did you know that a regular cotton t-shirt is made using 2700 litres of water. At Quancious, zero amount of water is used.

Our Manufacturing Process

You should know where and how your clothes were stitched. Would you be happy wearing something stitched by an impoverished child made to work in inhuman conditions? Sadly, that’s the reality of 80% of the clothing that’s available in the markets. We take pride in saying that our range of products are made in our own factories which are socially and ethically audited without the use of child labour. Our factories are equipped with state of the art machineries to give our products truly world class quality.

Our Founders

Quancious has not been founded by a set of few individuals but by its entire workforce which includes our skilled tailors and craftsmen at the core, our quirky designers, our operations team which ensures that your order is meticulously handled and delivered to you.

Sing with Us

The light from the new sun awaits you.
Mountains, valleys & Shores exactly like ours.
Untouched, untainted By the spoils of a thousand years.
It’s right there. A brand new world.
Or is it ?
It’s sad there’s no twin to the Earth we have.
So stop wishing for what we lack.
You are one and so is this planet.
Look back.
To what’s been done.
You know it’s not good enough.
So be conscious Rather Quancious.
It’s not just your clothes But your life that needs a makeover